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"Zwiesel Glass - the art of hitting the right note We are dedicated to the most discerning guests and best hosts in the world. Almost 150 years of glass craftsmanship, tradition and passion are given a self-confident shape:Zwiesel Glas. A new umbrella brand is the next step for us, represents the entire experience of Zwiesel 1872, Schott Zwiesel and Jenaer Glas. Likewise, our timeless passion to always want to create the extraordinary as well as our claim to prove this innovatively in the future. Zwiesel has always been not only concerned with glass, but with what glass makes possible: using the highest manufacturing and craftsmanship to create unique products that create extraordinary experiences of enjoyment and community. Products give a special touch to every table set and literally part of the good tone worldwide. Anyone toses with our glass will hear how unmistakably true hospitality sounds. Zwiesel Glas is characterized by its unique quality. This high quality standard begins with the sound: The tone in Zwiesel glasses sound when toasting is unique and has become the clear distinguishing feature. This special tone at the toast is appreciated not only by glass lovers, but also by hosts and guests all over the world All this represents the note as a new trademark of Zwiesel Glas. But its significance goes far beyond that, its straightforwardness symbolizes our manufacturing competence, the traditionally great importance in the company and the precision of our glassmakers
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1 - 43 จาก 43 รายการสินค้า